Driving our Economy Forward: Small Business Development Center

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) –  Starting a successful business is a monumental task. Having a great idea is only the beginning. You’ll need expert advice and plenty of it. In Chattanooga, that’s where the Small Business Deveopment Center comes in.

Lynn Chesnutt is the Executive Director of TSBDC.

He explains, “The Small Business Development Center is one of the thousand centers around the country. Our mission is to help small businesses, whether they’re startups, existing businesses, start or grow, maintain. We’re that third party that sits down with them and goes through what are their issues, problems that may be going on, or if they’re in great shape for looking at growth.”

Chesnutt continues, “With the incubator clients, we are the technical assistance for that building, because that’s why we are in the BDC, but we work with them coming out of that. In addition, we serve 9 counties. We are from Chattanooga, all the way to McMinnville and Winchester. You may have the skills to make a product or provide a service, but what about the business of the business. ‘How do I set up the business appropriately? How do I structure it? What are the steps I take? And in what order… do I take those steps?’ And one of the things that that we pride ourselves on is, before you spend a dime, ‘is my product or service marketable? Is it feasible? Will people buy it? And what will they pay? And if they will pay this, can I make a living doing that.’ Or for an existing business, where are they in their in their business, and if they’re looking to grow the business, how to grow it effectively.”

He concludes, “We’re a firm believer in business planning. So, we provide some on-demand training for you to build your business plan. It’s confidential, and here’s the best part, it’s at no cost. So, the best way to reach it is at tsbdc.org, and you can click on Chattanooga. That’s how you get started. Also please follow us on Facebook and Instagram. And lastly, we have two seasons of a podcast called, “How to Business”, and you can find those wherever you listen to your podcast.”