Daily Spotlight: Insiders Pivot Fast to Bullish


For over a month, insider sentiment as reported by Vickers Stock Research has been bearish – becoming particularly so at the end of February. During the time of the alarming sentiment, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by more than 6% as a seemingly non-ending list of events spooked investors. But is enough now enough? This week, insider-sentiment data from Vickers suggests that insiders finally may believe that stock prices adequately reflect the current challenges and that a bottom may be near (or may be in). Vickers’ legacy NYSE/ASE One-Week Sell/Buy Ratio this week is 1.39. That is on a scale where anything below 2.00 is bullish and anything above 2.50 is bearish. This same ratio was 5.37 last week and 10.10 a month ago. The Total One-Week Sell/Buy Ratio this week is 1.26. It was 3.90 last week and 6.23 a month ago. On an exchange basis, the NYSE one-week ratio is now 1.40 compared to 5.73 last week and 12.76 a month ago. For the Nasdaq, the current ratio is 1.20 compared to 3.21 last week and 5.95 a month ago. One week does not make a trend, but Vickers’ data this week is undeniably bullish.

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