Tesla stock is a ‘clear winner’: Analyst

Tesla (TSLA) stock has been dragging following a lackluster investor day presentation.

However, Tesla shares have enjoyed an over 50% pop so far this year. Tom Narayan, RBC Capital Markets Lead Equity Analyst in Global Autos joined Yahoo Finance to share his bullish perspective on the stock. Narayan says that comparing Tesla to other automakers like GM (GM) is like comparing “apples and oranges.”

Narayan did have some praise for other automakers though, saying of GM and Volkswagen’s (VWAGY) moves in the electric vehicle race, “I think GM is doing the right things. There’s only two other folks doing that. It’s Tesla and Volkswagen, and GM.”

Still, when it comes to declaring a “clear winner,” Narayan’s outperform rating on Tesla’s stock says it all. He told Yahoo Finance that for investors, Tesla’s ability to “cut costs and effectively undercut the rest of the market” is a boon for the EV maker.

Watch the full interview with Seana Smith and Dave Briggs here.

Key video moments:

00:00:09 On GM vs. Tesla

00:00:48 “There’s only two other folks doing that”

00:01:17 On Tesla’s investor story

00:02:21 “Clear winner”