Solution Providers Explain Top DEI Investments

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Mark Haranas

August 25, 2022, 03:08 PM EDT

Solution providers tell CRN about their top DEI investments today and what they are doing inside their company around diversity, equity and inclusion.

Solution Providers’ Top Investments And Strategies For DEI

Forward-thinking solution providers are now making diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) an integral part of their hiring and retaining process with the goal of boosting profitability, employee diversity and overall innovation.

CRN spoke with solution providers at XChange 2022 regarding what DEI investments their company is making and their efforts around diversity, equity and inclusion.

“What I learned [at an XChange session] is how much more profitable you can get if you have a diverse mindset because everyone’s bringing all these different ideas to the table so you can have more innovation in the stuff you’re doing,” said Faisal Ahmed, CEO of Durham, N.C.-based Benchmark Network Solutions.

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At XChange 2022 this week, CRN parent The Channel Company hosted several sessions and presentations for its hundreds of attendees around DEI enablement, understanding and the benefits it offers. Many attendees found the information eye-opening, telling CRN they plan to take home the DEI lessons learned to their company.

Solution providers from across the country told CRN they are doubling down on DEI regarding their recruitment efforts and how they operate internally.

“I go out and I talk to high-school kids and college kids that are concerned that they’re not going to be able to get a job based on either their name or their ZIP code,” said Derek Nwamadi, CEO of Dallas-based Quantum Symphony.

“We go out and we speak to students and we bring them on as interns to learn and make sure that—whatever time they spend with us and whatever they need to get out of it—we can help,” said Nwamadi. “And if we grow enough, we’ll bring them on as our actual employees.”

CRN asked solution providers the question, ‘What kind of DEI investments is your company making right now?’ Here are their responses.

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