Patriots coach Bill Belichick drops truth bomb on retirement plans

As New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick enters his age-70 season in the NFL, the common question around the league is until when he wants to keep going. After all, he is already one of the most successful football coaches in history and basically has nothing left to prove.

By the looks of it, though, Belichick has no plans to call it a career any time soon.

During an appearance on “The Greg Hill Show” of WEEI, Belichick was asked about his retirement timeline. He has already spent almost five decades in the NFL, the past 23 years of which as head coach of the Patriots. With that, it’s only natural to wonder about his retirement. However, Belichick himself has no answer since he hasn’t thought about it.

“I don’t have any answers,” Belichick said, via NESN. “So, there’s nothing I can say. I don’t have any like, one-year plan, five-year plan, 10-year plan. I don’t know.”

If there is one thing Bill Belichick is sure of, though, it’s the fact that he enjoys coaching and all aspects of it — be it “team-building, game-planning, gameday, practice, offseason studies and trying to improve.”

“Each part of it’s challenging, free agency. It’s all interesting, it’s all challenging. I’ve great people to work with. Great support from ownership, our personnel staff, coaching staff, our training staff. … I’ve got a lot of confidence in everybody I’m working with,” Belichick added.

Of course the Patriots have bigger things to focus on with the 2022 campaign set to start. And considering how Belichick is all about business during the campaign, it’ll probably be difficult to get any answer from the veteran tactician about his retirement until the next offseason.

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