Kate Middleton Just Flew Economy With Her Kids to Visit Balmoral: ‘Keeping It Simple’

According to a TikToker, Kate Middleton flew economy with two of her kids to visit Queen Elizabeth II‘s Balmoral Castle in Scotland. What habit did the Cambridges supposedly develop that made the queen “uncomfortable,” changing how the family travels? And what did one TikToker share about their experience with the “stunning” Duchess of Cambridge in economy class?

Prince George, Prince William, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge | Chris Jackson/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince William and Kate Middleton caught Queen Elizabeth II’s attention with their flying habits

According to royal expert Richard Palmer, Queen Elizabeth pressured Prince William and Kate to change some of their travel habits. More specifically, she didn’t like how frequently the family was flying together, partly because it put the line of succession at risk.

Palmer told Express that the queen grew “uncomfortable” with how much William and Kate were using the helicopter for trips with their kids. She “let it be known that she was worried about the Cambridges traveling as a family by helicopter because of the possibility of a crash.”

Kate Middleton was ‘stunning’ when she flew economy with her kids

A TikToker claimed they sat behind Kate, with Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, in economy class. William and Prince George traveled separately, following the royal travel rule of splitting into two groups as the queen requested. According to the witness, the family traveled to her Balmoral Estate in Scotland.

“On a flight to Scotland, Kate Middleton, both kids, nanny and security … ,” the TikToker shared (per Elle). They noted she “could get a private jet or helicopter” but chose “keeping it simple” in economy.

They added, “No one on board took any photos or videos. Just a mum taking her children on holiday to see grandmother, but there was a buzz on board.”

According to that witness, Kate was “stunning,” and they said, “[She] even gave me a smile while looking back at [the] row behind her to talk to her son.”

After Kate Middleton flew economy, she and Prince William might change plans to visit the United States

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Some have accused William, Kate, and other royals of relying too heavily on private flights paid for by taxpayers. Furthermore, a list of celebrities with astronomical carbon footprints due to private jet use recently emerged.

So, it seems the Duchess of Cambridge is distancing herself from that group with her latest move. Kate has been known for recycling fashion and making efforts to be more eco-conscious. And the decision to fly economy seems to go right in line with that line of thinking.

But Palmer, the royal expert, said there might be another big change of plans in the works. “The Earthshot Prize award ceremony will be in Boston Massachusetts in December this year,” Palmer explained (per Express). 

“It’s been widely reported, particularly in the US, that William and Kate are going to Boston,” Palmer added. “That wasn’t actually announced, it’s not been confirmed, but the understanding is it’s pretty likely both of them will go.”

However, there’s a chance that might not happen with so much scrutiny on their travel. The expert said, “There’s always been this possibility that they might make a statement about flying and do it all virtually.”

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