EverEnviro to invest Rs1000 crore for constructing 14 compressed biogas plants

According to news reports, EverEnviro Resource Management Pvt Ltd (EverEnviro), a fully owned subsidiary of Green Growth Equity Fund (GGEF), plans to invest Rs1,000 crore in the construction of 14 compressed biogas facilities around the nation.

A cleaner fuel made from waste or biomass is called compressed biogas, or CBG. It can be utilized for commercial, industrial, and automotive purposes and shares many of the same characteristics as compressed natural gas (CNG).

According to Parvez Umrigar, managing director of EverEnviro, who talked to ET, “we would have 10 plants on the ground in various stages of commissioning by March 2023, but the number of projects we are working on would be considerably more than that.”

He said that the business is engaged in initiatives involving municipal, agricultural, and agricultural industrial trash.

There are now about 25 CBG facilities operating in India. Over $2 billion in investments might be made in the area over the next five to seven years, according to news reports.

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