Monkeypox Resources in the Central Valley | FPPC Chair on Cryptocurrency and Campaign Finance | Sacramento’s “Dinner at Tiger”

Monkeypox vaccines are shown at the Salt Lake County Health Department Thursday, July 28, 2022, in Salt Lake City.

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A CalMatters reporter shares her reporting on Central Valley communities’ challenges in accessing Monkeypox vaccines. A government watchdog agency explains its efforts to increase campaign transparency in the digital age. The creators of “Dinner at Tiger” share more details on their latest culinary experience. 

Monkeypox resources in the Central Valley

California’s response to the spread of MPV, the virus that causes Monkeypox, varies depending on where you live in the state. One city council member from Tracy, who recently recovered from the illness, says healthcare support in the Central Valley for this declared state emergency lags far behind the rest of California. The Central Valley has a minority of cases, leading some to say they’re concerned communities in this region are being overlooked or ignored. Kristen Hwang, a Health and Policy Reporter for CalMatters, joined Insight to share her reporting on the issue and shared what she learned. 

Cryptocurrency and campaign finance

As we get closer to the midterms in November, our mailboxes will be stuffed with election flyers, campaign ads will bombard commercial breaks, and text messages from unfamiliar numbers will ask us to vote “yes” or “no” on ballot measures. And as we spend more of our days online/so too has the significance and spending on digital campaign ads seeking the attention of potential voters. According to one analysis, nearly $435 million was spent on digital ads in the 2020 presidential election, making up almost a quarter of total ad spending nationally. In California, the state’s campaign finance watchdog agency is pushing for the creation of an online digital archive for these ads. That agency is California’s Fair Political Practices Commission, and they say the archive will allow voters to easily find who’s behind and financing each ad that pops up on their laptop or smartphone. The commission also made headlines across the country this summer when they voted to allow Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for political contributions. The FPPC’s Chair Richard Miadich joined Insight to discuss all of this and shared how they’re preparing for the upcoming Midterms.

Dinner at Tiger

Sacramento’s “Curators of Cool,” Tony Christian, and Byron Hughes, produce HOF music events Last Supper Society. Still, their latest project is Dinner at Tiger, the highly regarded dinner and bar in Sacramento is their love letter to the city. Tiger’s General manager Tony Christian and chef Ryan Royster are staples of Sacramento’s culinary and music scene. They, along with Tiger’s Director of Marketing Robbie Metcalf, have a hand in everything Sacramento, from producing music festivals, block parties, and culinary societies. All these projects have one goal: to show love for their city, Sacramento, and celebrate the diversity that makes Sacramento unique and special. The creators of Dinner at Tiger joined Insight to share how their latest collaboration showcases an incredible culinary experience in Sacramento.

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