Lewis Hamilton reveals retirement plans after setting timescale for F1 departure

Lewis Hamilton has revealed what he will do when he finally retires from Formula One, pledging to work on a “lot of different projects”. The seven-time champion said he has a “lot of business things” he is involved in which will get his focus when he hangs up the helmet.

He admitted he was passionate about bringing his ideas to life and was building a team around him to get projects over the line. The Mercedes driver even claimed he was holding calls with a range of different people to ask questions about different business ideas.

Speaking to Viaplay, Hamilton said: “I think I’ve really tried to utilise this time when I’m outside [of F1]; I hold a lot of Zoom calls with people from different genres just to be educated – I ask a lot of questions.”

He added: “I’m working on a lot of different projects. I have a really big team now that I’ve been building over the last five years, my own personal life team that’s working with me to really help me bring the ideas and things that I’m passionate about to life.

“So we have a lot of projects. I think a lot of people say they’re entrepreneurs. I think I’m genuinely an entrepreneur, because I have a lot of these business things going.

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In another interview, Hamilton reiterated that he didn’t want to stay in F1 past 40 years old. He added”: “I haven’t thought about that number, because I’m 37 so I still have a bit to go.

“I honestly haven’t thought about it and don’t plan on being here past that age. Hopefully, I have some other fun things to get on with.” Hamilton will be 38 by the end of next season meaning he could call it a day at the end of the 2023 season.

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