Dealers gear up to invest in charging points

Dealers are planning to invest in charging point in 2022 with the acceleration in sales of EVs.

A poll carried out by Motor Trader in August found that 28% of dealers plan to invest in charging points this year.

The majority, 56% have no plans for investment and 16% are thinking about investment in their charging infrastructure.

Dealers are already investing in training staff on EVs. There are now over 300 dealers on the NFDA’s Government backed Electric Vehicle Approved (EVA) accreditation scheme.

High profile dealers are investing in EV. This week Waylands Automotive opened its Waylands E multi-franchise Electric Vehicle Centre in Berkshire.

Interest in EVs is accelerating fast with dealers signing up to the EV Retail Summit taking place on 6 October at the Eastside Rooms in Birmingham.

The EV Retailing Summit is part of a new initiative by Motor Trader in 2022 and includes the launch of the EV Retailing channel on the Motor Trader website in January, extensive coverage in Motor Trader each month and an exclusive EV Digital Newsletter sent to retailers and the wider sector each week.

This event is free for Dealers. To request your free ticket, click here.

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