7 new altcoins to invest in for a 100x crypto pump explosion

Finding the next crypto pump and dump can be a great way to earn a profit in the space with minimal effort. However, finding 100x crypto coin projects is a difficult task. This guide will look at some of the top crypto pump and dump projects on the market and explain how to buy the top crypto project. Let’s get started.

The top 7 new altcoins to
invest in for a 100x crypto pump explosion

Each of the best altcoins mentioned is frequently discussed in crypto pump and dump groups and offers investors massive upside possibility.

  • Tamadoge – overall best new altcoin
  • Battle Infinity – altcoin reshaping P2E gaming
  • Lucky Block – NFT competitions platform with huge potential
  • Casper – energy-efficient PoS network
  • Mina – extremely lightweight blockchain
  • Chiliz – project creating fan tokens
  • Gala – leading P2E games developers

closer look at the 7 new altcoins to invest in for a 100x crypto pump explosion

Now, this guide will be taking a closer look at 7 new crypto coins to invest in. Each of these crypto pump and dump projects has the potential for explosive growth, so it’s worth checking them out.

Tamadoge – overall best new altcoin

Tamadoge (TAMA) is a brand new project bringing utility into the meme coin sector. Considering that some meme coins are worth billions and offer little in the way of utility, Tamadoge could well be the next 100x crypto 2022. Furthermore, it capitalizes on brands like Dogecoin, meaning once the project hits centralized exchanges (CEX), growth could be parabolic.

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The main utility of Tamadoge is an expansive play-to-earn metaverse that will host 3D-animated pets that users can raise, battle, and breed. Each Tamadoge pet can be levelled up using food, toys, and cosmetics. As a pet levels up, the owner’s leaderboard ranking improves. The higher a player’s ranking, the more of the rewards pool they are entitled to.

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What makes Tamadoge different from other meme coins also makes it the best new crypto to invest in. TAMA is deflationary, with 5% of tokens from store purchases getting burned, helping to bolster value over the long term. Furthermore, Tamadoge already has a confirmed CEX listing, meaning as soon as it hits the open market, demand is likely to skyrocket. Check out TAMA now and join the
Tamadoge Telegram group
to keep updated.

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Battle Infinity – Altcoin reshaping P2E gaming

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is reshaping the P2E gaming landscape by creating an all-in-one P2E gaming ecosystem split into six distinct platforms. By blending some of the most popular sectors in crypto and adding its own unique twist, it is a new crypto project to invest in for huge gains.

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The Battle Infinity universe will consist of a fantasy sports league, an NFT marketplace, a decentralized exchange, a P2E gaming platform, a metaverse battle arena, and a staking platform. Few projects are as utility packed as Battle Infinity, making it one of the year’s most exciting projects.

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The Battle Infinity presale had a hard cap of 16,500 BNB. Despite only launching on July 11, and planning to end the presale after 80 days, the project has already attracted more than 5,000 investors and reached the hard cap last week, raising over $5m in just 21 days!

The next step, as per the project roadmap, is getting it listed on the most popular DEX like Pancakeswap, and the Battle Infinity team is already working hard to make that happen well before the originally planned data. Join the IBAT Telegram to know more, and don’t miss the moment when the token will be listed.

Lucky Block – NFT competitions platform with huge potential

Lucky Block (LBLOCK) is the number one NFT competition platform on the market. It hosts frequent competitions, entered by purchasing an NFT linked to the specific draw. Prizes vary in value by competition but commonly include things like vehicles, property, and crypto.

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By implementing blockchain technology into the competition sector, Lucky Block has managed to create a highly efficient platform that benefits its users phenomenally. Even after a competition has ended, NFT holders still receive regular rewards equal to 1% of the competition’s profit pool.

At the centre of the Lucky Block ecosystem is the $LBOCK token. In late July, the token absolutely exploded, rising 400% in value. With a listing on the MEXC exchange taking place on August 1st, this rapid growth will likely continue.

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Even after its impressive climb, Lucky Block has the potential for even more growth. The team is already eyeing up more CEX listings to boost demand, so it’d be wise to keep an eye on this best new cryptocurrency to invest in.

Casper – Energy-efficient PoS network

Casper (CSPR) is a new project that could be the next big crypto pump and dump. It’s a highly-efficient proof-of-stake network with a focus on future-proofing.

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Casper has been designed to allow the network to be continually improved over time, meaning that even features no-yet thought of can be added at a later date. This allows the network to keep up with the rapidly changing crypto industry. With Casper being over 100,000% more energy-efficient than Bitcoin and currently trading for just cents, it could be the best new crypto to invest in.

na – extremely lightweight blockchain

Mina (MINA) aims to disrupt the current landscape dominated by heavy blockchains by creating a lightweight, single-sized network.

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With computational resources incurring some of the highest costs when running a network, Mina’s focus on efficiency could be massive in the future. The entire Mina network is only 22 KB big, far smaller than Bitcoin at 300 GB.

With Mina trading for a low price, it’s the perfect target for a crypto pump and dump. Therefore, watching Mina over the coming months could be a good idea.

Chiliz – Project creating fan tokens

Chiliz (CHZ) is a network used to create fan tokens for sports teams, which are then used on the Socios platform.

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Fan tokens allow people to better connect with the sports teams they support by voting on things like new kits, bus designs, and motivational messages. They have proven to be massively popular, and with Chiliz being the de facto network fan tokens are created on, the CHZ token holds massive value.

With the world cup on the horizon, Chiliz is one crypto pump and dump investors don’t want to miss out on.

Gala – Leading P2E games developers

Gala (GALA) is an upcoming blockchain games developer. In contrast to most crypto games which can be rather repetitive, Gala aims to create ‘games you’ll actually want to play’.

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The project was launched by a co-founder of Zynga, a company responsible for massive hits like Farmville. Gala has been slowly picking up traction, and with high-profile games like Walking Dead Empires on the horizon, it could be a great time to get involved.

While Gala is currently still finding its footing, its low price and market cap make it a prime crypto pump and dump.

Should I b
uy Tamadoge?

Every investor has to decide on whether a particular investment is right for them. Here are some reasons why buying Tamadoge could be the best decision of the year.

  • It’s packed with utility
  • It leverages Dogecoin brand recognition
  • Has a confirmed CEX listing
  • Is selling out quickly
  • It blends popular trends
  • Offers long-term value
  • It has more utility than other meme coins

How to buy TAMA?

Below, there is an overview of buying the best new crypto to invest in in 2022. There is also an in-depth guide covering how to buy Tamadoge.

Step 1 – Register with an exchange

Buying TAMA requires ETH. This can be purchased from a regulated exchange like eToro or directly through the Tamadoge website using fiat.

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Step 2 – Deposit and buy ETH

After registering with eToro, hit ‘Deposit Funds’, decide how much to invest, and press ‘Deposit’. Then, search for ETH, press ‘Trade’, choose how much to buy, and press ‘Open Trade’.

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Step 3 – Create MetaMask and send ETH

Next, download either the MetaMask browser extension or mobile app and follow the on-screen instructions to create a wallet. Then, ensure it’s set to the Ethereum network and withdraw the ETH from eToro to MetaMask via the eToro Money Wallet.

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Step 4 – Connect Wallet and Buy TAMA

Head over to the Tamadoge presale website, click on ‘Connect Wallet’ and select MetaMask. Then, press ‘Buy TAMA’, enter the desired amount of tokens (1000 minimum = $10), and press ‘Convert ETH’. After the presales have concluded, the TAMA tokens will be claimable.

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