The New War on Drugs Will Be Fought With Trade Policy

Regarding your editorial “Biden’s Missing Trade Agenda” (July 6): What should have been a precondition to the Trump administration’s trade talks with China, and what should now be a precondition to the Biden’s administration’s decision to lift tariffs, is a demand that China stops the production and export of synthetic opioids, like fentanyl, and their precursor chemicals. Concerns about prices of pork, soybeans and solar panels are small beer in light of this scourge, which is now responsible for the annual deaths of tens of thousands of Americans.

Chinese manufacturers make this stuff. The Chinese Communist Party knows this and knows who they are. It allows the material to be shipped to Mexico for distribution by the drug cartels, enabled by a porous southern border. This is the new war on drugs. Fight it with trade policy. China fought the same war against the British opium trade for the same reasons.

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