Market check: Nasdaq flat, S&P 500 rises to close choppy session

Yahoo Finance’s Ines Ferré breaks down how stocks are trading into the closing bell.

Video Transcript

RACHELLE AKUFFO: Welcome back to Yahoo Finance Live, everyone. Just minutes away from the closing bell, seeing a lot of oscillation on the NASDAQ there. Let’s break down what’s happening with Yahoo Finance’s own Ines Ferre. Ines.

INES FERRE: Rachelle, losing some steam here as we set to close. We’re looking at the NASDAQ. That’s flat right now. We are seeing the S&P 500 set to close up about 2/10 of a percent. Let’s take a look at the sectors because this is where we can see what’s happening. Communication services has been the laggard throughout the day. Remember that this houses Alphabet and also Meta. And energy is seeing gains. Let’s look at the NASDAQ 100, where you can see here what I was talking about. Alphabet down more than 3%, Meta down more than 3%. Meta will be reporting today after the close.

Over on the Dow, we are seeing today the Dow leaders being Microsoft, up more than 4 and 1/2% after its results yesterday, and also Visa, up 6%, big leader for the Dow today. Boeing down 7%, and you’ve got Cisco that has been touching 52-week lows down 3%. Finally, just want to mention also what’s happening with some of the meme stocks because we have been looking at Robinhood, which would be a proxy, so to speak, for retail traders, down 5% after the company announced it’s cutting some jobs. Here’s the closing bell for today, Wednesday, April 27, at the New York Stock Exchange.