Detroit Pistons: Potential offseason trade with the Timberwolves

The Detroit Pistons need upgrades of talent this offseason and could look to make some trades to bolster their scoring.

We’ve been looking at the rosters of recently-eliminated playoff teams for guys who could be fits with the Detroit Pistons in free agents or in trades.

So far we’ve looked at potential targets on the Atlanta Hawks, a few guys from the Chicago Bulls, and a handful of players from the Utah Jazz.

Today, we’ll take a look at the Minnesota Timberwolves, who made the leap into the playoffs this season but were eliminated last night by the Memphis Grizzlies.

Minnesota has the top-tier talent but needs to add some better role players and depth behind Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards.

Minnesota has a glut of guards and Detroit has an extra big, so there could be a match.

The Timberwolves’ needs align with the Pistons’ and there could be a trade out there that makes sense for both teams.

Detroit Pistons trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves

Timberwolves Get

Kelly Olynyk

Pistons Get

Malik Beasley

In this trade, the Timberwolves’ upgrade their big-man depth with veteran Kelly Olynyk and the Pistons bolster their backcourt scoring with Malik Beasley.

Beasley was in trade rumors at the deadline and is a guy the ‘Wolves could look to move to clear a little cap space and boost a position of need.

It’s no secret that the Pistons would like to pair Cade Cunningham with a shooting guard who can actually shoot, and Beasley can do that, as he has hit 38 percent of his 3-point shots in his career on high volume.

Beasley would slot right into the starting two-guard role, while Olynyk would give Minnesota a versatile big who could play with KAT or back him up.

Both players are under contract for next season, with Beasley making slightly more, so Minnesota would also pick up nearly $3 million in cap space. Neither has a guaranteed second year, so both teams could take a flyer without any long-term commitments.

This would be one way for Detroit to use some of their cap space to upgrade but would still leave them with enough to pursue another impact free agent and wouldn’t require them to make a risky, long-term commitment to a guy like Jalen Brunson or Collin Sexton.

Both Beasley and Olynyk’s numbers were down last season, so a change of scenery makes sense for both.

Would KO be enough to get Beasley? Would the Detroit Pistons even want him? What do you think about Malik Beasley as an offseason trade target?