US announces new Russian sanctions, plans to admit thousands of Ukrainian refugees, NBC News reports

The U.S. announced a package of new sanctions against Russia and further aid for Ukrainian refugees as President Joe Biden looked to rally the leaders of some of the world’s most powerful democracies to increase their efforts to aid Ukraine in a series of high-stakes meetings.

The U.S. said it would place additional sanctions on more than 400 Russians and Russian entities, including the Duma and more than 300 of its members, along with more than 40 defense companies, said a senior administration official. It also plans to take additional steps to prevent Russia from attempting to prop up its economy.

The White House also announced it would allow as many as 100,000 Ukrainians to enter the U.S., with a focus on those who are most vulnerable. The administration is also prepared to offer more than $1 billion in additional funding towards humanitarian assistance and $11 billion over the next five years to address food security threats after the disruptions to the Russian and Ukrainian agricultural industry.

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