UK to investigate MoD's aviation procurement plans

23 March 2022

by Ridzwan Rahmat

A decommissioned Tariq-class frigate being hit with a single DM-2A4 torpedo fired from Pakistan’s Agosta 90B submarine, PNS

A Pakistan Navy Khalid (Agosta 90B)-class submarine has carried out a demonstration of its post-upgrade capabilities in a sinking exercise.

(S-139) demonstrated these capabilities at Exercise ‘Sea Spark’, a biennial series of maritime drills conducted by the Pakistan Naval Strategic Forces Command. The latest iteration of the drills was held from 17 February to 13 March in the Arabian Sea.

During this exercise,
deployed a single DM-2A4 torpedo against a decommissioned Pakistan Navy Tariq-class frigate and sunk the vessel with the round, said Turkish defence engineering company STM in a statement on 21 March.

STM was awarded a contract to upgrade Pakistan’s fleet of three Khalid-class submarines, including
, in 2016. As part of the upgrades, the boats are being fitted with a new underwater command-and-control suite, weapon control systems, sonars, attack and search periscopes, and electronic warfare effectors, among other equipment.

Upgrade work on

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