The Strategic Funds Launches Strategic Commodity Fund to Highlight Commodities 2.0

In the ever-changing energy landscape, the new fund will provide The Strategic Funds clients with options for investing in a variety of major commodities they may not have considered.

DORADO, Puerto Rico , March 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Strategic Funds LLC, an alternative investment management firm based in Dorado, Puerto Rico, today announced the launch of The Strategic Commodity Fund, a new private hedge fund that marries traditional and digital economy exposure by pairing opportunistic trading in conventional exchange-traded commodities with more difficult-to-access commodity exposure through global equities.

The Strategic Funds

Designed to evolve with the current shifts in energy consumption, climate and demographic-driven trends in agriculture, and the digitization of the economy, the new fund deploys a bidirectional, algorithmic trading approach that will serve investors in new and exciting ways.

The Strategic Commodity Fund adds an equity component, which will target green energy, the rise of data as a commodity, the emergence of digital assets and the influence of changes to transportation and energy markets.

“The world doesn’t just run on oil anymore, today, it runs on oil and data,” said Nikolas Joyce, Chief Information Officer at The Strategic Funds. “We believe that the 2020s will be a decade of major transition, as human civilization begins the unprecedented process of changing how we get our energy. We are seeing a move out of pollutive hydrocarbons and into renewables like nuclear, solar, wind, and hydrogen. It’s a huge paradigm shift, and The Strategic Commodity Fund is designed to harness that shift.”

The fund seeks to capitalize on opportunities in both the conventional and new economy commodity space through exposure to single-name equities, ETFs and commodity futures. The Fund seeks to generate alpha by participating in the changing commodity space while mitigating inflation/currency debasement risk in relation to the U.S. dollar and within a standard portfolio.

The Strategic Funds has identified a new category of commodities, or “Commodities 2.0.” The six sub-segments within their defined investment universe include:

  1. Data

  2. Green Energy

  3. Traditional Energy

  4. Metals & Materials

  5. Agriculture & Fresh Water

  6. The Logistics of Trade

“We are excited as we look to the future,” said Joyce. “Fundamental changes in the commodity landscape are in play, and new challenges will certainly arise, but innovation will provide unique opportunities for alpha generation.”

To start investing, visit, or contact or 787-626-6500.


Founded in 2018 by the founders of The Strategic Group (TSG), The Strategic Funds offers certain curated alternative investment strategies to accredited, high-net worth individuals and institutions. These strategies are offered through Strategic Capital Advisors, LLC via managed accounts and Strategic Capital Fund Advisors, LLC via private fund offerings and managed accounts.

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