PowerBall dividends: Jackpots rollover to combined R91m on Friday

The PowerBall dividends for Tuesday night’s draws revealed that no players hit the jackpot. Both prizes roll over and will be worth more money on Friday, 25 March.


According to the PowerBall dividends, the biggest winners in Tuesday night’s draw were the two players who matched five numbers for a return of R183 734,90.

Eleven players followed by matching four numbers plus the bonus ball for a dividend of R20 919,20 while 307 players matched four numbers for a return of R1270,70.

Bringing up the rear, 106 163 players correctly guessed the PowerBall for R10.

The winning PB numbers were: 20, 30, 35, 43, 48 and PB: 19

PowerBall dividends for 22 March. Graphic: Ithuba.

In the PB PLUS match field, the biggest winners were the 3 people who matched 5 numbers for a return of R55 668,60. Followed by 18 players who matched four numbers plus the bonus ball for a dividend of R5810,00

At the other end were the 106 274 players that only matched the bonus ball for R5.

The winning PB PLUS numbers were: 11, 14, 27, 43, 46 and PB: 03

PB PLUS dividends for Tuesday. Graphic: Ithuba.

After the draws, the PowerBall jackpot rolls over to R11 million on Friday,25 March, while the PB PLUS jackpot will be worth a guaranteed R80 million.


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