NFT And Cryptocurrency Topics Witness 242% Growth

Lately, Twitter users have posted approximately 300 million tweets regarding cryptocurrency and NFT in the last 3 months alone. 

According to a report from Twitter released last week on its greatest trends over the last two years, cryptocurrency, NFT, and Finance remain number one on their list. 

What’s Trending? 

Finance remains the fastest growing conversation topic on its website presently and cryptocurrency remains at the top of the finance category. 

Financial tweets have risen 78% year after year among average users. It has gained severe traction among nonprofessionals that do not even work within the industry.

The most common cryptocurrency topics on Twitter are Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Ripple. After that, Binance, Coinbase, Cardano, and Decentralized Finance come as other notable topics. 

Twitter has been witnessing an upswell of Crypto enthusiasts with people eager to consider investing in cryptocurrency. 

Conversations About NFT And Other Tokens

Conversations about unique tokens and non-fungible tokens that can signify the ownership of a digital asset have also risen on Twitter, witnessing a 242 percent increase. Stablecoins, dApps, and decentralized exchanges are other common crypto topics that have witnessed similar growth percentage recently on Twitter. 

As far as social tokens are considered, a lot about fan tokens has been witnessed. To this, Twitter speculated that the rising conversation of entry-level products can make the average person comfortable in investing and finance, and cryptocurrency.

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