Wall Street closes green and Dow Jones rises 1.23% in a quiet session

New York, 17 Mar Wall Street closed in the green on Thursday and its main indicator, the Dow Jones for industrialists, rose 1.23%% in a session in which investors would digest the latest news of the conflict in Ukraine and were comfortable with the first increase in interest from the US Federal Reserve. (Fed) since 2018.
The Dow Jones added 417.66 points to 34,480.76 whole, while the selective S&P 500 also climbed 1.23% or 53.81 units, to 4,411.67, according to data at close of trade.
The composite index of the Nasdaq market, in which the main technology companies are listed, ended today with the highest profits of the parquet, which were 1.33% or 178.23 units, to 13,614.78.
Wall Street closed today in the green for the third consecutive day and after two days of significant progress, including a cumulative increase of more than 3% in the S&P this Tuesday and Wednesday, while the Dow has risen more than 500 points two sessions in a row.
“A lot of investors think the waters are crying out,” said Sancturay Wealth’s chief investment officer, Jeff Kilburg, in a note, who also noted the tranquility of the Fed’s latest action.
“The Fed meeting was ultimately not news, and leaving it behind has been an important mental component for the market,” added Kilburg, stressing that investors liked to see the US central bank take into account the uncertainty created by the Ukrainian conflict in its decisions.
In terms of geopolitical tensions, the market has been reassured by information about talks between Russia and Ukraine, which point to talks between the two countries “progressing”, boosting hopes that a ceasefire agreement can be reached.
The price of Texas intermediate oil (WTI), however, skyrocketed to $102.98 a barrel, affected by fears that the protracted conflict in Ukraine could affect crude oil supplies.
All sectors ended up in green, led by energy (3.48 per cent), raw materials (1.95 per cent) and non-essential consumer goods (1.86).
Among the thirty Dow Jones securities, the most favored were Dow Inc (5.38%), American Express (3.53%), Caterpillar (2.58%), and Sales Force (2.37%), while only two companies recorded losses: McDonald’s (-0.28%) and Verizon (-0.25%).
In other markets, at the close of Wall Street, gold rose to $1,936.90 per ounce, the ten-year bond rose to 2.194% and the dollar lost ground to the euro at a rate of 1.1094. CHIEF

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