Business Talk – Revix CEO Sean Sanders explains why you should invest in cryptocurrency

Sean Sanders is the founder and CEO at Revix, and is dedicated to helping South Africans get the best value out of cryptocurrency.

Sanders has extensive experience in both tech and finance and is incredibly passionate about how these two industries combine through cryptocurrency.

This is why he founded Revix – an intelligent investment management platform that gives its customers easy and effective access to cryptocurrency investment and trading.

Before founding Revix, he created three other technology-driven start-ups: online university application system Application Portal; event-driven proprietary trading firm Sataya; and crypto-asset advisory firm Blocktree Capital.

In this episode of Business Talk, Sanders discusses cryptocurrency investment and how it offers unique benefits over short-term crypto trading.

He then explains how Revix incentivises cryptocurrency investment on its platform, including through its crypto bundle offerings.

Sanders also details what sets Revix’s crypto investment offerings apart from competing platforms, before offering valuable insight into the strategies professionals are using when investing in crypto.

He closes by explaining Revix’s Cover promotion, where if you invest R5,000 into any of Revix’s top ten smart contract or payment bundles, you will be covered against any losses for the first week.

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Watch the full interview below.

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